The reason I love coming to Atlanta and pick Atlanta to be my getaway location is because of my brothers and sisters here. I always know if I come here I can find rest and joy being with great people. The sad part is I’m always limited to my time in this city and everyone lives busy lives so it’s hard to catch up with everyone. 

But this time around there was someone I really wanted to see no matter what. He’s a guy I met during my internship here a few years back who became a true friend and a brother in Christ who I was able to grow with and lean on. I came to Atlanta this time to really find rest and rejuvenated and I didn’t think that could happen without meeting up with him. 

It wasn’t the easiest making it work out but we were able to find a time to catch up on life even if it was for a brief moment. Seeing him and talking was extremely nostalgic. It brought back those amazing memories from my summer internship and all the good times that happened. 

But what’s really awesome is how even though time has passed we just start where we left off. Nothing changed and still today we were able to bond and laugh together like the good old days. I’m glad God has placed people like him in my life that I can find joy with and share laughter. The relationships God forms are really something special. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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