I couldn’t have asked for a better time on this trip to Atlanta. It’s funny how sometimes the most spontaneous decision become the best. I had no plans on coming down here until Sunday, the day I left and it has been exactly what I needed. I’ve been getting tons of rest, having a lot of fun, but most importantly been surrounded by the greatest people. 

All day today I have been feeling the love from everyone around me. Overwhelmed by the love of others. Spent time with a dear brother of mine over some real good southern country cookin and had great conversation. Then I went over to the church I interned at a couple years ago to talk to the pastor about some things, which led to a time where I could really be open with him and ask for advice and be prayed over. That really meant a lot, to have someone there to give me guidance and pour over me in prayer. 

Tonight my cousins took me to an Atlanta Hawks game which was loads of fun. Basketball is my favorite sport but I’ve actually never been to an NBA game. My cousin’s wife works for the Hawks now so since I was in town she got us tickets so I could go and I was so grateful. I only get to spend time with my cousins that live here only a couple times a year, so nights like tonight really means a lot to me. 

Overall today was a day where I experienced the overwhelming love of God through others around me. I’m thankful beyond words for all the moments spent with each person. God truly has spoiled me with some amazing people in my life that I have the opportunity to call family and friend. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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