For the month of February in children’s ministry we have been focusing on Genesis 1 and creation. We went through each day of creation to learn what all god has created. Last week I was finishing the series and in my sermon I talked about the seventh day, the day God rested, and I taught the kids about sabbath. 

What I realized was that I didn’t practice what I preached. This past week was really rough for me with so much to do. I felt like I was on go mode every single day, never having a moment to rest and take a breath. That’s when God convicted me last night, I am in need of obeying the commandment to have a personal sabbath every week. That is what I was missing. 

I was missing a day for myself, a day to be in peace and set my eyes upon Jesus. So I decided the only realistic day to have a sabbath would be on Saturday since I don’t have classes. So today I decided to start and I took a sabbath day, freed my shedule and spent time to relax, gain energy and reflect on Him. 

To be honest it wasn’t easy. I ran into a predicament. I got asked to come to a house gathering for the youth group but I knew I made this commitment. Honestly I felt really selfish to stay at home instead of going but I really felt like that is what God wanted me to do, so that’s what I did. 

The guilt didn’t really go away but today was really needed. It was so nice and refreshing to have a day without anything on my schedule or anywhere to be. To have the opportunity to take a break and spend some time alone. During the time I was able to free my mind and truly think and speak with God. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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