This past winter God gave me and other leaders of the church a conviction to really push towards unity within our church. The reality we must face as a Korean church is the split between Korean ministry and English ministry. This is something we can’t do much about because of the language barrier. But the big challenge and issue that was seen is division within the English ministry. So the English ministry is made up of multiple different ministries with a lack of opportunities to be unified. 

For a long time now we have had two different English ministry services. 9:45 which consisted of youth and our senior cacuasian members and then our 1:30 which was all of our young professionals and college students. For the time being I believe it was a season to be separate and grow in the ways needed but now it’s a time to really work towards unification. So we decided a couple months back we would get rid of the 1:30 service and have the members attending that service to come join 9:45 service. 

Today was our first day of unification and it exceeded my expectations. To be really honest I was worried that many of the young adults would not come but they proved me wrong. It was such a beautiful sight from the pulpit to see such a diverse group of brothers and sisters in Christ together in worship. I feel like there’s no better way to be one body of Christ than worshipping together as one. It also made it even more special since it was communion Sunday and the first Sunday of Lent. 

I believe God really is moving in powerful ways within our church and I am truly thankful to be a part of it. It’s just the beginning but I’m starting to see the glimpses of the church God has originally intended begin to manifest within our own. Im excited to see what more God has in store to guide us in being the body of Christ He has called us to be! 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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