Yesterday was such a busy Sunday I felt like a zombie once I got home which caused me to not be able to do some homework I planned doing. I went to bed early last night and pushed my work to today. Surprising enough I still felt like a zombie today lol but the work had to get done. After class I worked on my paper from 4-7 then ate dinner then went back working from 8:30-10:30 and finished! 

Writing the paper was obviously exhausting but it was actually more enjoyable than I expected. Yeah it took a lot of time but I really did try to make the best of it. The paper was on a topic I never really studied; sexuality in the New Testament, so I was able to learn loss of new information. 

As I was finishing up my paper at Starbucks after dinner I saw something that put a huge smile on my face. Open Bibles. At two separate tables in Starbucks were people with their Bibles. One man looked like maybe he was a pastor doing some sermon preparation and at another table was a group of 3 women that seemed to be having a small Bible study. It was ironic because this specific Starbucks was the one where I first get convicted to start this blog. 

For some reason when I see people digging into the Word in public it fills me with joy. Joy to see my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ whom I don’t even know, growing in that moment. Being able to witness people take part in hearing what God is revealing to them, seeing individuals’ desire and intentionality really brings me joy. Seeing a stranger reading the Word to me is seeing someone interacting with God in that very moment. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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