October 11, 2015 was the beginning of our 1:30 Refresh Sunday Service. After many seasons of difficulties having my ministry members come to church on Sundays God put it on my heart and opened the doors to make our own service. For over a year it has been absolutely amazing personally as well as for our ministry. Through it God gave me the opportunity to preach every Sunday to my congregation and with that service we experienced a lot of spiritual growth for our members and it was also an avenue to bring in new members. 

I am a believer that there is a time and place for all things. This past year our 1:30 service is what we needed and what God wanted for us but it has come to be the time where this door is closing and God is opening a new door and setting forth a new challenge. He is pushing us to a new chapter and all we can do is obey and trust. 

Today, February 26, 2017 was our last 1:30 service and starting next Sunday we will be combining with our 9:45 English Ministry service. It was a very bittersweet day to see something come to an end but also know that a new endeavor is ahead. A couple months ago God put in on my heart and the heart of other leaders that it is time to look upon our church as a whole and not just our ministry. God is calling us to truly take part in the body of the church and integrate within the bigger picture and to do so we decided to unite with the other service. 

It was not an easy decision by any means but it was a decision that was needed to be made. I truly believe this is what God wants and I trust in that. I believe this is evidence that He is continusouly working within our ministry and our church. This next step will bring forth fruit and growth for many and I know God will work through this. I am excited to see what more God has in store and how He will have His will revealed. 

I saw God today.

Did you?

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