One of the things I have to do for my ordination process is meet with a psychologist. During my candidacy retreat in January I had to take a psychology assement that was over 3 hours long and today I went to meet with a psychologist to go over my assesment as well as have some evaluation done. 

To be honest I went in with no thoughts or expectations at all. I assumed we would just go over my assesment and it would be very logistical but I was very wrong. Maybe it’s because it was my first time going to a psychologist but it was extremely different than what I expected. 

We talked for about 2 hours and during that time he asked me about a million questions regarding all aspects of my life. He went really deep and I ended up sharing things I haven’t shared with almost anyone before. At first it was a tad nerve racking being so vulnerable but later on it was really refreshing and a time of healing for me to get to talk to someone about so many things about my life. 

After sharing he went over the assement I took last month and he revealed a lot about myself. I was a little shocked about some of the things he brought to light. I’ve realized there were some things ongoing in my life that I chose to ignore that have actually been taking a toll on me. 

This experience was really eye opening and very enjoyable. I think God used this time to help me get more in touch with my self, with my mind, heart and soul. I was able to discover what I need to work on and the things that I have allowed to negatively effect my life. I’m thankful for this because now I know where I need growth and where I need healing. Through this God has placed new prayer points on my heart that I need to press towards. 

I saw God today.

Did you?

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