I was flipping through Facebook when I saw someone share a video of a very famous Korean rapper giving an award speech. I personally really like him for many reasons so I gave it a watch. I thought it was just going to be a common speech but what he did blew my mind. 

So his name is Bewhy and he got famous off of a Korean rap audition show last year by winning the whole thing. The reason so many people including myself like him is because he is extremely unorthodox compared to all other famous rappers in Korea. The reason being is because he doesn’t talk about all the typical things rappers talk about, rather his lyrics are driven by his faith. From what I know he is one of the only Korean rappers that are outspoken about his Christianity and where his lyrics are majority about his walk in faith, the gospel or his testimony. 

Korea is a nation driven by pop culture and is extremely secular. So to have someone like him make it as big as he has without being secular but focusing on God is mind blowing and amazing to me. He uses his gift and the platform given to be a messenger of the gospel and be a missionary. 

During his award speech he said he has always had a dream since he began his career in music and he wanted to fulfill that dream during the speech. His dream was to share verses from John 1. He spoke the verses and told the crowd that he wanted to share to everyone the truth that he lives by. 

This is something that is not seen or heard of within Korean pop culture. Korean media is really sensitive about being censored when it comes to religion but he didn’t care and was courageous enough to use this stage to fulfill his dream in sharing the gospel. I was truly inspired by his actions and his heart. It’s crazy that his dream after achieving fame was to read scripture and share the gospel on live television. Seeing someone like him step forward and be unashamed of who he was in Christ really touched my heart. He has encouraged me to have that same dream, to have the desire to share the gospel wherever I am no matter what circumstance and be a messenger of Christ. He has represented Romans 1:16 and I aspire to do the same. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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