About two weeks ago my mom caught a really bad cold and she just started getting better this week, but she passed the sick baton to my dad and surprise he passed it onto me. Starting yesterday the runny nose turned on, sneezing and headaches but nothing too bad so I took some NyQuil and went to bed but I woke up feeling the groggiest I’ve been in a long time. 

During my first class of the day my head was aching really bad and I was congested but still didn’t feel too bad. Thankfully my second class got cancelled, so I came home early but I wasn’t able to rest at all because I needed to run errands. When my dad got home from work I took him to get some blood work done which took over an hour and then went to the BMV to get new plates for my car which took over an hour as well. 

Both places took way longer than expected and I first started getting really impatient and frustrated. Sitting in those waiting rooms was when my throat started to hurt and the sickness started to take over. First insitinct I just wanted to be upset and complain but something came upon me. Even though I started to feel like crap I wanted to take advantage of the one on one time with my dad. 

Since we spent most of the time just sitting there waiting we had nothing to do but talk. That’s when I realized how thankful and blessed I was to have times like these with my dad. There’s no one else that I can talk to so openly about my thoughts and what I’m going through in life. Like today I was able to talk to him about countless things that I’ve been thinking about and he is always there to give me guidance and advice. He always help me get my thoughts together and never lose sight on the important things. God has blessed me with the greatest role model and dad I could ever ask for. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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