I can’t believe that if everything goes by plan I will be done with college at the end of this year. Time is absolutely flying by and it blows my mind. I need to start planning ahead and figuring out my next steps, and that’s what I have been starting to do. 

My plan ever since I knew I would be going to seminary was to graduate undergrad in the winter so I would have time off for myself until seminary in the fall, so the total of about 9 months. The reason I wanted to do this was so I could have a personal time for me and God before I start the next big chapter of my life. I haven’t made a clear decision on what exactly I would be doing and that is what I’ve been praying about a lot recently. 

I think God has delivered me His answer on what to do during that time. I still need to do discernment but I’m almost for certain what He has put on my heart is His answer to my prayers. It definitely isn’t what I expected but being a surprise I can tell it’s from God and not myself. 

What I think God wants me to do is a pretty big adventure and step. I have been contemplating whether to tell my family or not but tonight I decided to so they can pray with me and help me in discernment. It was perfect timing as we went out for dinner. 

To be honest I was a little nervous and anxious on how they were going to react but of course they were absolutely supportive. I’m beyond thankful to have a support system like my family that is always behind me and encouraging me in my walk in life and especially in faith. I’m glad God has given me such an amazing family to have by my side and help me grow daily. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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