What a beautiful day it was. My only class of the day got cancelled, it was almost 70 degrees, checked out a new coffee shop, got some homework done, went to the chiropractor, first time back to the gym since my accident and cooked delicious burgers for the fam for dinner. Couldn’t have been a better Monday in my opinion. 

There were two incidents that made my day even brighter. The first was when I went to the chiropractor. I was laying down getting my adjustment when my chiropractor asked me how I was doing, how ministry has been and how church yesterday was. For some they may think it’s their job to make small talk like that to avoid awkwardness but I don’t. It’s truly a blessing to have people like that in my life who really does care about how I’m doing and is intentional in checking up. 

After the chiropractor I went to grab a cup of coffee, take advantage of the weather and do some homework outside. It was so peaceful soaking in the sun, feeling the breeze, getting some work done over a nice cold iced dopio espresso. As I was enjoying the moment my phone buzzed and it was a brother of mine from Atlanta. 

He randomly texted me asking me if I had any prayer requests and how he could pray for me this week. This isn’t the first time he’s done this but every time I truly feel blessed. Blessed to have someone reach out, thinking about me and praying for me. But what I realized was I haven’t really thought about many personal prayer requests recently, so it was really nice getting to reflect on my life to see what areas I need prayer for. So thankful to have a friend like him praying for me miles away. 

The reality is that people in ministry ask how others are doing but don’t really get asked how they are doing, pray for others but don’t have many opportunities to receive prayer. Therefore to have people in my life that reach out and check up on me really is special. I’m always reminded I have brothers and sisters near and far walking along side of me. Beyond thankful for all these people God has placed in my life. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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