Today was my second official Sunday as our children’s ministry pastor and it was amazing. I beyond glad and thankful that I took this opportunity to be a part of this awesome ministry and community. There truly is something special about sharing God’s words with children and having the blessed privilege to be used a vessel to plant seeds in the lives of my younger brothers and sisters. 

Last week and this week we are going through the creation story in Genesis 1. Last week the focus was on days 1-5 and seeing what God created in this world and today we looked at the 6th day where God created man. The emphasis was on how we are made in the image of God and how God is the one who created all of us. I tied it in with Psalm 139. 

I brought out a white board and had the kids go around and share what they thought were characteristics of God. I ended up writing countless number of words that described and portrayed who God was to our children. Then I turned the tables around and did something a little different. 

Since we are all made in the image of God and hold characteristics of Him within us, I put a students name on the board and had the other children describe their friend. It turned out way better than I imagined. Everyone was eager to encourage their fellow brothers and sisters and pour out their love and truths upon them. It truly was a sight to see and I know that God was moving within everyone’s hearts today. 

In a society where identity issues are real and happen at a young age, especially for Asian Americans living in predominantly white suburbs, it was beautiful to see everyone receive affirmation on who they were as a child of God. I loved how each friend was able to see their fellow friend as a creation of God and identity strengths amongst every individual. My hope and prayer is that each child will never forget who they are and who they have been created in and by. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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