A few months back my social media was being lit up by my Korean Christian friends of this African American guy singing Korean worship songs on the streets of Korea. That first video I watched really moved me so I searched him up. His name is Joseph Butso and he is actually from Ohio and went to OSU. He has a calling to travel throughout the streets of Korea using his God given talent of singing to spread the gospel. I’ve been following him ever since that first video. 

I came across a recent one a couple weeks ago but didn’t wasn’t able to watch it at that moment. Today I was waiting in my car going through Facebook as my sister and aunt ran into the store and that’s when I came across the video again. I watched it and in that moment I had goosebumps that I haven’t felt in a long time. I rewatched it multiple times and sang along, and those words became my worship. 

Joseph Butso truly inspires me. He is a true missionary in my eyes. Doing what He loves, singing, with the talents god has given Him, ina foreign land to share the love of Christ. His passion and his heart is truly worship. 

This song I listened today really struck a chord in my heart. The lyrics are based upon going through the wilderness and how in the wilderness and through difficult times God is good and He is there. To lay oneself down in humbleness and allow Jesus to be number one in all circumstances.  One of the last lyrics states: 나를 통해 주님만 드러나시기를 which in English translates “through me may only Jesus be revealed”. I hope that these words can be my confession and what I pursue, for Jesus to be revealed through me and only Him, not myself. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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