Last month in January I went on a candicidacy retreat which was my first step in my ordination process. During the retreat I was put in a small group assigned with two mentors that would walk with me through the process and lead me to what I need to do. After the retreat we are supposed to meet altogether a few times throughout the first half of the year. Today was our first meeting and it was phenomenal. 

At the retreat during my last night there God led me into a personal time of intercession where He challenged me to intentionally pray for each member of my group. That’s when I was able to rediscover my spiritual gift of prophecy and use it. I wrote down the words given to me by God for each individual and gave it to them. 

There was one guy in my group that God really broke my heart for and spoke to me about. The words I received for Him I knew were truly from God and I had no doubt in them at all. Today after seeing him for the first time since, he opened up a folder and showed me the paper I wrote the words on. He told me he looks at it every night and continues to pray. He also said he had some crazy news to share with us. 

A lot has happened throughout the past month and what was truly insane was that the words I received for him came to be true. The prayers we prayed over him were answered and monumental things have happened in his life since. 

My mind was absolutely blown away. This gave me confirmation that the words God give me are true and I received confirmation once more in my spiritual gift. Also I was able to witness firsthand the power of prayer and realize that God really does answer prayers. God is so good and He is alive! 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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