The reality about standard ways of Bible study is that it is directed towards only certain types of personalities to be effective. The ones who are able to word their thoughts and willing to speak up. But not everyone fits under that personality. For individuals who are more artistic, poetic or hands on the orthodox way of Bible study can be less effective. 

So for Refresh tonight I wanted to try a different way of Bible study. Our theme for this month is “Church” and we have been going through Ephesians to view what the church is to look like. So instead of doing a normal question and answer type of study we did something more creative and hands on that was an unorthodox way of studying the Bible and doing reflection. 

We split up into two groups and drew our personal understanding of a church. One of the groups drew an actual church on top of a hill and labeled each element of the church. For example the foundation was Jesus, the air inside was the Holy Spirit and the hill referred to the verse that the church is to be the light on top of a hill. 

Our group went a more abstract route. We drew the church as a garden. God was the sun, Jesus the fertilizer in the soil, the Holy Spirit water from a sprinkler and us as flowers that grow due to these 3 things. We drew a bee to symbolize pastors and leaders who help the flowers grow and the air/oxygen as love. Apples hanging from the trees symbolized worship which is produced by the garden (church). 

It was extremely powerful tapping into the creative side of my brain and especially hearing the creative interpretations of people from the group. Through this experience I was able to see sides of my members that I have never seen before. This was an apportioning for us to look at God and creation in a very creative and intentional way. God has revealed that there are so many ways to think about Him, worship Him and study Him. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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