For my Corinthians class today our professor handed out an assignment to do in class with a partner. We were to do exegesis of a few verses in Corinthians to dig deeper into what Paul was writing about. We had an hour to do it before discussing in class so at first my partner and I thought we could run through it and finish in about 30 mins and spend the rest of the time playing games lol. In reality we weren’t even able to complete it in the hour. 

The reason was because it was actually really interesting. We thought it would just be an assignment but rather it really was a lesson. In that hour of analyzing only a few verses God revealed so much to me personally. It was extremely applicable and it felt like God really intended this time for me. Also it was great to hear how my friend interpreted the verses and see his point view as well. 

What I thought would be an easy assignment, was actually a time of much reflection and thought. Some of the things we discussed were things I really needed to hear. Through an assignment god delivered affirmation and conviction. Moments like these I am so thankful to have the opportunity to study the Bible academically which actually feeds into my heart spiritually and personally. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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