It’s just been one of the days where the weather was cold and I wasn’t feeling very vibrant either. Just one of those days where you feel tired and lazy and don’t want to do anything. I think all the busyness of this week caught up to me today. 

After class I ate lunch with my family and then went home to take it easy. I had some things I needed to do but really wasn’t in the mood so I decided to just lay in bed and rest. But it was restless rest, I laid there but I didn’t feel much at peace since I still needed to get some things done. 

Then I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up it was time to go to church. To be honest I contemplated about not going tonight but I knew I should. I got there a little early so I decided to take some time and clean up my office. I told one of our youth girls to shoot me a text when they start service. 

She texted me that they were about to start so I wrapped up what I was doing and went to the room. When I opened the door I was greeted with an empty room, no people and just music playing. Extremely confused I stepped out and looked around the church and texted her again asking where they were and she said they were there. I went back and still no one was there. 

Then I peeped around a wall and the whole youth group jumped out and scared the living daylights out of me. I was extremely surprised at first but then I ended up dying in laughter. In that moment I was filled with this freeing joy. Simply laughing with nothing else on my mind. After a gloomy day it was great spending time with my brothers and sisters who can put a smile on my face and take my worries away. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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