After speaking at our school chapel service last night my experience at school today was much different than usual. I only have a selected few I talk to on campus and besides them I just walk around passing people by like strangers. But the moment I stepped onto campus today I had people I’ve never met before come up to me call my name and say hi, talk to me about my message last night and even had random people smile and wave. 

For the first time I truly felt a part of student life and of this community. With it being my last year here I am so thankful that my college experience is changing and becoming really enjoyable. This would have never happened if God didn’t open the door for me to speak at the service last night. I feel like He killed two birds with one stone by giving me that opportunity. Allowing His message to be delivered and for me to open new doors. 

These past couple months God truly has been folding me into the school, giving me opportunities and allowing me to form more relationships. But last night really was the cherry on top. Now I really do feel as one with everyone else and I am beyond thankful. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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