So much has happened in my life these past couple of weeks. Both good and bad (but majority good). With a lot going on I have been doing a lot of processing, reflecting and praying. With that I feel like I’ve received a lot of convictions, words from God and different ideas. With these overflowing revelations I wanted to share them with others to really see if it’s God speaking, myself or lies from the enemy. 

God opened the opportunity for me to do so tonight. Last week we started a devotional group that consists of two other brothers and myself. Tonight was our first actual time of deviotinals and discussion and it was exactly what I needed. 

I felt like this time tonight was made for me. I was able to be extremely vulnerable and share with my brothers all that has been on my mind, my thoughts and revelations. It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to receive honest opinions, feedback but most importantly biblically grounded advice. 

I was able to receive confirmation, affirmation as well as denial to lies that I have been holding onto. There were things that I thought were conviction but in perspective were actually lies and thoughts from the flesh. I wouldn’t have discovered this if it wasn’t for this time to speak openly with my brothers and go back to the biblical truths. 

Tonight was extremely freeing. A time of healing and encouragement and a time to open my eyes to truths and see God. Through this I’ve realized once more the importance of having people in my life who I can be open with and gain guidance and accountability from. I believe this is what brothers and sisters in Christ are for, to shine the light of Christ within eachother’s lives, affirm and help push closer to the Father. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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