Something that I do not ever really do is watch sermons online. Whenever I do I love it but I just don’t get myself to do it often. I think the biggest reason is because I don’t feel the same reverence or honor when I’m in the comfort of my own home laying in bed watching a sermon on my laptop. But God revealed something to me today about that. 

In class today my professor was talking about a book that his wife has written and the title really grabbed my attention, “The Vulnerable Pastor”. So before I would forget I googled it and kept it up on a tab so I could look into when I got home. Once I got home I read a synopsis on the book and then on the bottom of the page was actually an interview that the author did.

I watched it without much expectation but that 3 minute interview really triggered some thought and reflection on my part. I replayed it a couple times and it felt like God was really trying so speak to me through her words. I soaked it in and moved on and went to Facebook. 

I had a notification saying that one of the pastor’s I worked with during my internship in Atlanta posted something on the student ministry page. To be honest I haven’t checked that page much since my internship 2 summers ago but I thought I’d give it a click today. It was a video of Francis Chan speaking at the Passion 2017 conference. 

Francis Chan is one of my favorite preachers so I couldn’t help myself but to give it a watch. Again God blasted me with the exact things I have been wanting to and needing to hear. Also seeing how passionate and genuine Francis Chan was delivering the word of God gave me inspiration. 

After watching that interview and Francis Chan’s sermon something really hit me. It hit me how easy it can be to be a Christian in 21st century America. There are people out there in this world today that still haven’t even heard of the name of Jesus. There are people who wait weeks and months for a missionary to come by to hear the word of God. There are even people groups that don’t have the Bible in their language. But I am able to lay in my bed with my computer in my lap and with a simple click of the mouse receive the word of God and have a time of worship. 

One side of me feels guilty and unworthy but another side of me feels truly blessed. Blessed that I have the access to worship when I want, where I want and to further my faith if I want to. I am thankful. I am truly thankful that I have the privilege and opportunity to learn more about my Father whenever and wherever I want. 

This was really convicting. To know that I have all the resources I could ever wish for but still I don’t take advantage. At times I still complain. What I’ve realized is that in my circumstances and living conditions, if I am intentional and truly desiring, I really can grow and discover more about God and my faith. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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2 thoughts on “THROUGH A SCREEN

  1. Super way to look at the idea of online preaching! Great perspective connecting the idea of how many across the world have to wait months for missionaries to deliver the Word! Great stuff! 😊

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