I had the privilege to serve our children’s ministry this morning. Since I’m always involved with ministry with adults, young adults and youth it’s refreshing at times to encounter the lives of faith in our innocent children. Today I was able to encounter the simple, pure and innocent love that children carry and practice that I envy. 

Before I started my sermon I had the kids all grab their Bibles for scripture reading. For children’s ministry we do not put the verses in the screen so we can encourage them to learn how to look through the Bible and find scripture for themselves. Today’s reading came from 2 Timothy and for some of the children it was a challenge finding this book of the Bible. 

I stood there patiently waiting, allowing them to challenge themselves to find 2 Timothy. That’s when I couldn’t help but focus on one of our girls. Today was only her second time at children’s ministry coming out of preschool and she is only 6. It was a beautiful sight to see how relentless she was in trying her very best to find the verses on her own, using her little fingers flipping through the pages. She didn’t ask for any help and she was determined. 

About a minute passed and she was still in the Old Testament. I wanted to intervene but at the same time I couldn’t help really respect and honor her persistence. That’s when another girl from across the room who is only a year or two older spotted her sister in Christ in need. She got up from her chair and walked over and took a seat next to her. 

With a genuine heart she reached her little hands over onto her Bible and started flipping through the pages with her. To be honest she didn’t know what she was doing either but that wasn’t the point. What really touched my heart was that this girl saw someone in need and even in her incompetence she allowed her heart to move herself into action to genuinely help as much as she could. She wasn’t able to find the verses for herself but she was willing to be careless and selfless and help someone first. 

God really moved in my heart through this scene. Seeing someone so innocently take action to help a friend in need, in the most genuine and selfless way. While I stood there and watched God gave me conviction through these two little girls. He spoke to me through them. 

To always have a heart of service, a heart to love others out of love, to do everything out of kindness and to be humble. Also to allow the one who want to lend a helping hand to help me. To understand help is something to be accepted and not feared or ignored. 

I saw God today.

Did you?

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