Last night’s Refresh gathering meant a lot to me. I personally believe last night was a time of breakthrough for our ministry and was a time of intimacy with God and eachother we have all been awaiting. In the moment I was so overwhelmed in the greatest way possible but I think it was too good to the point I wasn’t able to really fathom and process everything that happened. 

Today was that type of day, a day to process and reflect. While thinking back on last night I couldn’t help but realized how blessed I was and how thankful I must be. God really revealed Himself to us in the most amazing way answered my personal prayers. 

Throughout the day it really hit me what God is doing in our ministry. He has been giving me new ideas and a renewed passion. But what I believe He truly has called me to do today is not rush into action but take a step back and be thankful and give Him all the credit, honor and glory. 

I have learned again today the importance of soaking in the moments of blessings and being genuinely thankful. A lot of times when good things happen we rush to chase more, but I believe it’s so necessary to take a step back and just be in the moment and lean into the love that is present. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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