This past winter break has been a season of overwhelming conviction and call to action give to me by God for our ministry of Refresh. He has been revealing to me and other members of our leadership team many things to act upon and great ideas to pray about. Our team met this past Sunday to discuss these things and surprisingly enough God was moving in all of our hearts in similar ways. 

For tonight’s Refresh gathering we decided to do something a little different than usual. We had house worship at our worship leaders house and had a time to share with our congregation our convictions and had opportunity discuss but most importantly join together in prayer. It was an extremely powerful night to see our brothers and sisters be intentional and driven to burn in worship and prayer. 

But what really moved me beyond expectation was when we did a listening prayer exercise. Instead of praying and speaking to god we had a time for everyone to just be in the presence of God and allow Him to speak to us. This is something I personally love to do but something we haven’t really done much in Refresh. 

To be honest I had no idea how everyone was going to react to this exercise since it is somewhat untraditional and was new to many. As we went deeper into the time I knew in my heart God was speaking and the Spirit was moving within the room. Then we opened the floor to anyone who wanted to share what they received from the Lord and that’s when God’s present was evident. 

Multiple people spoke up and shared how God spoke to them. I knew it wasn’t easy for them to share because they had doubts if it really was God’s voice or their own but the moment they spoke it was obvious it was God speaking. It was such a blessing to witness God move and interact in everyone’s heart in such a refreshing and new way. This is just a taste of what God has in store for us. 

I saw God today.

Did you?

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