I’ve been a season where I’m really challenged to continue to grow in my personal faith and be truly intentional. I’m definitely seeing progress but what I’ve realized is that it isn’t easy trying to do it completely on my own. Thankfully God has opened an opportunity to have a group of brothers to walk with and grow in faith personally as well as corporately. 

The reality and biggest challenge in ministry is to be intentional in your own personal growth since you are always focusing on the growth of others. But to be effective in playing a role in the faith of others I believe you need to be effective in your own walk with God. It’s not easy but if you allow God He will make opportunities and that is something I have experienced today. 

Our youth pastor, myself and an individual of my ministry who I mentor and is on the path to occupational ministry have decided to start a group where we will meet every Tuesday. Today was our first meeting and God really gave me vision, hope and excitement for the potentional of what this group can do in my faith and our faith as a whole. 

The beauty is that we aren’t coming together as leaders but as brothers and sons of Christ. Every week we will take turns leading a devotion. What truly excites me is that I will be able to be led by someone who I mentor. It’s a blessing to be on the other side. The reality is it’s been a while since I have been led since I’m the one always leading so I’m excited to have the privilege to have someone else pour into my life and see different perspectives. 

I’m so thankful God has opened this fire for me, that He has placed brothers in my life that all have the same hunger and drive to draw closer to God. I really believe through this group God will continue to do His works in my heart and I can’t wait to see what He has in store. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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