Last Friday was my accident and since then I haven’t been able to serve church all week. That was the hardest thing, not being able to go to church and serve my community and take on my responsibilities. It was hard enough missing last Sunday but I also had to miss Wednesday. 

Therefore today was amazing, getting to get back to church and serve. Who knew a week off would feel so long. It felt just right being back at church, at the pulpit, with my brothers and sisters serving God. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this much excitement and energy on a Sunday, but taking time off for a week God really filled my heart with the passion once more. 

All day was great. I spoke at both services today and yeah by then end I was in some pain but it was all worth it. My closes friend from school came to our first service and that was his very first time seeing me preach. It was such a blessing to have him join the service and be in the congregation. Then in the third service a lot of people came and many faces I haven’t seen in awhile. Then afterwards we had a Refresh leadership team meeting which was awesome. 

Overall I was truly blessed today. God reminded me once more that I was made to serve and the church is where I belong. There’s no other place I would rather be. Serving God and serving the church truly is what I love to do and is my burning passion. I’m thankful for my time off because it was an opportunity for me to realize and appreciate the privilege I have in my calling to serve. I’m excited to get back in the groove of things and do Kingdom work. I never thought having a week off I would feel so deprived. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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