Since my car is totalled I have been in search of a car. The process has been a very thankful one. There’s been a car that I’ve been following since about two years ago when it was previewed at an auto show as a concept car. The specific model I liked just got released to the public this month. It’s crazy that the car I’ve been wanting is actually an option for me since I’m in need of a car. But the biggest issue was the price, it wasn’t in my budget. But thankfully I got more than double what I expected from my insurance company for my totalled car which honestly doesn’t make any sense. And I also was able to find the car I wanted at a dealership an hour away for 2 grand cheaper than any dealership around where I live. That’s a rare case since it’s a brand new model and each dealership only carries a few of them. 

So overall everything was going way better than expected. Doors were being opened that I never thought would be that would allow me to get the car I truly wanted. Filled with excitement these past few days I couldn’t wait to go get it. Today was the day, I went with my family to go purchase the car. I took it on a test drive and fell in love. 

Then it was time for the purchase. Everything went well with the dealer and we were able to get a price even lower than what I hoped for. Then it was time to do the final signings and leave with a new car, but the unexpected happened. 

For insurance purposes both my dad and I would be co-owners of the car. So we both had to sign the papers but they needed our license to complete the signings. But of course, my dad forgot to bring his wallet and didn’t have his license. Therefore the dealership said we couldn’t purchase the car without his license, so we would have to come back Monday. 

In that moment I was extremely upset and bummed. I was so excited to drive off with the car but couldn’t just because my dad didn’t have his license. That put me in a really bad mood and I was filled with many negative emotions. 

While we were driving back home I couldn’t contain how upset I was. But that’s when God helped me open my eyes and take a step back. All the thankfulness I have been feeling this past week started to disappear just because of this small mishap but I shouldn’t be this way. I need to remain humble and thankful that I’m able to even get the car. I will still be able to get it on Monday therefore I shouldn’t be so angry. 

It’s a blessing I’m able to even get a new car. I should be thankful. I’m glad God helped me realize how selfish I was being in that instance and helped me come back to the right heart. Even though little road bumps may occur I should never stop being humble and thankful. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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