Thursday’s are my longest day of classes during the week which usually mean the day I’m the most beat. With not going to class Monday and Tuesday and still having some back pain I was extremely beat when I got home yesterday from school. I was extremely tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I got into bed earlier than usual but for some reason I just could not fall asleep. 

Nothing I did could help me sleep so I thought I would take advantage of the peaceful time and just pray and have conversation with God. Then I listened to some worship music and just laid there. I was in a state of true peace but still couldn’t sleep. Then I turned off the music and tried to be really intentionally in drifting off but instead of falling asleep something unexpected happen. At this point it was already past 5 in the morning.

God spoke to me. Out of nowhere He started to give me revelations one after another. So I have a handful of sermons coming up in these next couple weeks and a big one is on February 8th where I will be giving the message for my schools chapel service. I’m still in the process of really figuring out what God wants me to speak on, then suddenly in the early morning God started to reveal His heart and wisdom to me. 

He continuously gave me different scripture verses and ideas, in that moment I knew exactly what message He wanted me to deliver. So I propped up and started writing down these verses. Who knew at 5 in the morning I would be writing sermon notes. But God provided and He gave me the wisdom and guidance I needed. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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