One of my classes is a class where all the biblical studies majors come together once a week with all the biblical study professor to talk about current issues, things in the Bible, things of interest etc. it’s a very free flowing casual course but a very insightful one. It’s mandatory to take every spring semester and this will be my last one during my time at CCU. 

We had an assignment that we had due today that we discussed in class as a whole. The assignment was to read through the sermon that was given during this past presidential inauguration. Our key objective was to look at the application of scripture within the sermon and see if there were any misinterpretations or applications we agreed or disagreed with. 

To be honest I didn’t think too much about this assignment. I just thought it would be an easy one and I didn’t think I would really get anything out of it. But working on it yesterday and discussing everyone’s assements in class together today was actually very powerful and thought provoking. 

The conclusion that myself and my other classmates came to was that most of the biblical application and references made in the sermon were done in an incorrect way. The interpretations were very biased, done with an objective, extremely far stretched and out of context. Discovering this was very intriguing and convicting at the same time. I’m not trying to point a finger at this specific pastor but what I realized is a lot of pastor’s and people who preach the word including myself make this mistake. 

Therefore I believe God opened my eyes and gave me the conviction I needed through this assignment and discussion. I was reminded once again that delivering the word of God is not delivering my own words but His. It’s the duty of the preacher to make sure we do not taint His words and deliver them to the people in an incorrect way. It is our responsibility to deliver the message for what it is. This was a huge lesson, reminder and challenge that God has given me, to improve and grow as a voice of His words. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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