I took one more day off from classes to get a little more rest and to recover. But I wasn’t actually able to get the rest I expected. There’s so much that needs to be done post-accident. Dealing with insurance, looking for a new car, had to get my glasses fixed because they broke from the impact of the airbag and I also had to go back to the car rental place to switch cars because they gave me a broken one. 

So I went to my dad’s shop and spent most of the day there making phone calls and sorting things out with my dad. His store was like my headquarters for the day. As I was about to leave a couple customers came in so I went to the front desk to help my dad. There stood an elderly man who was extremely clean cut, nice suit and tie on with a peacoat, slicked backed hair and a radiant smile. I guess he was a regular because him and my dad were having a long conversation. 

My dad began to introduce me this man I have never met before, then he suddenly interrupted my dad and looked at me and asked if I was the son who is going to be a minister. I guess my dad told him a while ago about me and he remembered. So I introduced myself and he introduced himself. It came to be that he was actually a retired pastor. 

So he started to ask me questions and told me a little bit about his story. This mas was 91 years old and has retired not too long ago after 50+ years of ministry. He started to tell me a little bit of his testimony and his life in ministry. The whole conversation I was in awe and truly inspired. This man stayed at his church for over 40 years as the senior pastor and saw he church grow from 30 people to over 1,300. He has done over 500 funerals and over 500 weddings. He has also helped call over 100 individuals into ministry. Now he is writing books about how God has worked through and in his life. 

After the conversation was over I went into a deep time of reflection and contemplation. I started to ask myself, “what all would God have done in and brought my life when I am 91?” “Could I be as persistent and relentless with passion like this man?” “What kind of pastor will I be for the rest of my life?”

I believe meeting this man was a divine appointment created by God. Through him God truly challenged me today. He challenged me to continue to strive and work hard towards being the instrument of God He has created me to be. God truly inspired me through this man today. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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