Due to the pain that still isn’t going away from the accident I decided to take a day off from classes and get some rest and go to my chriopractor. The medicine I’m taking really knocks me out so I was in a deep sleep this morning. Then all of a sudden my sister comes running into my room telling me to get up, I was confused and half asleep so I laid back down. Then moments later I here multiple footsteps coming into my room. 

Extremely dazed and confused I popped my head out the covers and there stood three women from our church prayer team standing in my room. I had no idea what was going on and in shock I jumped out of bed to greet them. They came because they heard about my incident and they didn’t see me at church yesterday. 

These ladies were the last people I would have ever imagined waking up to this morning. Still half asleep I sat with them on my couch and had conversation. They took time out of their busy day to come check up on how I was doing and to pray for me. Before they left we all grabbed hands and they prayed over me. 

It was so unexpected but in that moment I encountered the Holy Spirit really moving in my heart. I felt the love of God through these prayer warriors. After they prayed and left all I could feel was an overwhelming amount of thankfulness. 

It’s not like I was deathly ill or in the hospital but they still came to pour their love and cover me in prayer. I am so thankful for such an amazing church and body that I am a part of. It is so evident God has surrounded me with the most loving people wanting to share His love with me. I feel so undeserving but still people choose to love me and through that I experience the grace of God. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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