I went to bad last night confident that I will be feeling much better so I can go to church but when I woke up I was totally wrong. I thought the pain and soreness would start going away post accident but today I was in the most pain since Friday. I started freaking out because I was supposed to give the message during third service. So I decided to sleep a little more, skip first service and go for third. But when I woke up again I wasn’t feeling any better and my back was in a lot of pain. 

I literally had no idea what to do and I entered panic mode. The service was less than a couple hours away, so I contemplated between just going or finding someone last minute to fill in for me. To be honest I really really wanted to go but I knew it wasn’t the best decision. So I made some phone calls and thankfully enough I had an obedient servant of God take charge last minute. 

I couldn’t be anymore thankful. I was totally freaking out because it was the first time since I’ve been in ministry that I’m missing a Sunday due to illness. So I kept beating myself up wishing I would be able to man up and go. What really drove me nuts was that service could be in jeopardy because of me. 

But that’s when God opened my eyes and had me realize that it’s not about me. Even if I’m not there it’s okay because God has everything in control. I’m not the one who makes or breaks the service, it’s God, and if He wants it to still go on He will do so. 

I was extremely humbled today. Humbled to know that ultimately it’s always God who got my back. It’s His ministry and not mine and if things are of His plan He will make sure everything happens. I must always trust in Him before I trust in myself. God is good. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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