I don’t hate many things but one thing I do hate is waking up in the mornings. I don’t do mornings. I am not a morning person whatsoever. Thankfully this semester I don’t have any early morning classes. That’s the greatest gift for me 🙂 today I didn’t need to go to class until 12:30 so I was able to wake up without being in a rush, take a shower eat and relax a little before heading off to school. 

I woke up in a very good mood today and on my way to school I had the urge to worship. So I opened up Spotify to see if anyone released some new music and I found that Housefires put up an album on Spotify that I have been desperately waiting for. While going to school I listened to one of my favorite songs at the moment Build My Life multiple times. I literally sang my heart out and God gave me the heart of worship to start off my day. 

I was at school from 12:30-6, it was a long day but a very enjoyable day. I think I enjoyed the day because I was able to start it with worship and with the right heart and attitude. As I was driving home I turned the Housefires album again and a song came on that I’ve never heard before, On and On. 

As I was listening I couldn’t help but start singing along and the lyrics really moved my heart. God put me in a place of worship once again while I was driving. I was overwhelmed in God’s love and embrace driving in my car. 

I realized how beneficial and important it is to start and end your day in worship. Worship is not designated to church but it can be done and lived out wherever you are. I’m thankful God gave me the opportunity to look upon Him throughout my day today.

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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