It’s been over a year now since my dad has been recovering from a broken femur. Due to the injury he hasn’t been able to work for the whole time. For me what really broke my heart about him not being able to work is not the fact that we didn’t have income but having to see my dad for over 365 days not being able to do what he loves. My family and our amazing church has been continuously praying that God would allow him to recover and get back to work and start doing what he loved again. 

Today was the day we have all been waiting for. Today was God’s timing revealed. Randomly in the middle of the night last night my dad decided that he is ready to reopen the shop. I woke up to a text this morning saying that he is at work. In that moment I couldn’t help but just thank God and give him the praise and glory. 

Before going to school today I went over there to see him. It put a smile on my face to see my dad back in his element, where he wanted to be for so long. Since he is a shoe repair man his hands are always dirty but for the past year they have been the cleanest I have ever seen my whole life. Today they were dirty again and that was a blessing. 

I know it’s still an uphill battle from here on but I’m so thankful for the progress God has given. I know for a fact this he couldn’t be at this point if it wasn’t for the prayers from everyone around us. Through my dad’s recovery I am able to witness the power of intercession and the power of God’s love and timing. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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