As I was standing at the entrance of our church talking to someone I saw the door open and in walked in one of my dear brothers who lives in Atlanta. I had no idea he would be in town so he totally caught me off guard. What a pleasent surprise it was to see him. Since I was a little busy we decided to meet again the evening with his wife and daughter. 

After a long day at church and feeling pretty exhausted I went home and fell right asleep. I was woken up by my phone ringing and it was him. I usually don’t wake up easily but I was so excited to get out of bed and go meet with him. 

Recently almost everyone I have been close with here in Cincinnati are all gone, so to have the opportunity to see a old face and have a friend to talk to is such a blessing. We meet at Starbucks and had hours of great conversation and catching up. What was really great was that I was able to meet up with him but also with his wife and daughter. 

I love how no matter how long it is we don’t see eachother that when we meet up we always have something to talk about which is always God. I truly look up to and respect this young family and their never failing love for God and each other. When I spend time with them I feel the peace of God in the room and it’s a time where I can truly be myself. 

Just in the 2 hours we were all together it was an opportunity for growth and a time to encourage each other and pour love into each other’s lives. They are one of the most supportive people who always speak words of life into me and give me affirmation. Today God used them to give me motivation and energy to keep doing what I’m doing. 

Another thing that really touched my heart was seeing my brother as a father. It’s not like it was the first time but for some reason tonight was different. Seeing him interact with his daughter and hear his heart and love for her gave me revelation. Seeing how much he absolutely loved and cared for his child revealed to me a glimpse of how much God loves us as His children. Through this father I was able to see The Father. 

As I was driving home randomly out of nowhere tears started to well up in my eyes. I was justunbelievably thankful for these people in my life. To have a brother and sister who I can rely on and talk to. Ones who I can grow with even though they live hundreds of miles away. And also thankful that through them and through our time spent together tonight that I was able to encounter God in a unique way. 

I saw God today.

Did you? 

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