This winter break I have honestly been dreading going back to school. So my biggest prayer this whole break has been to receive motivation and excitement to study and get back to school. I am expecting to graduate this winter therefore I really want to finish strong and I want to start now during this next semester. Thankfully God has been answering my prayers. I start tomorrow and since a couple days ago god has been giving me motivation and excitement to go back. 

What really put the cherry on top for me was stumbling upon a video on Facebook today that my school posted. It was a video of our house band performing a worship song. While watching the video God reminded me of how thankful I should be. Thankful that I go to a school that worships, a school that doesn’t only want to encourage academics but pour into my faith. 

These past 3 years I haven’t valued that. I looked at my school as just school. A place to learn and study and further my education. But with it being my final year here I want to take advantage of the opportunity that’s before me. To get deeper in my community of brothers and sisters in Christ at school and worship together. 

I am genuinely excited to see what God has in store for me during this next semester and this final year at CCU. I am finally learning to be thankful and appreciate the privilege of being a part of my school. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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