Started off my day getting brunch with a dear brother of mine. Due to our busy schedules we haven’t had time to meet up for a while so it was really nice getting to catch up on life and spend quality time in quality conversation. Afterwards I went and stopped by at our senior pastor’s house where the youth group was having house gathering. 

As I was leaving their basement something stopped me in my footsteps and put me in a trance. It was a wall filled with paintings from our pastor’s daughter. She had a wide variety of her beautiful paintings up on that wall but a few of them really touched my heart in a very unique and unfamiliar way. 

She had painted memories and moments from our Haiti mission trip this past summer. The paintings were absolutely beautiful and extremely realistic and I couldn’t get my eyes off of them. In that moment as I stood there staring at these captured moments on canvas God moved my heart. He reminded me of that trip and those specific moments. Those paintings took me back to a place that I have longed for. 

Through her paintings I was able to know and see what moments during that trip touched her heart. By seeing them I was able to know in which ways God moved in her during that time. I was able to see God through her works of art. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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