A couple nights ago I was watching a show with my sister and on the show were grandmas on smartphones. Through that scene I received conviction. So for the longest time my mom has wanted a smartphone but she hasn’t ever gotten one. She always says she doesn’t need it but I know that she truly wants one. So when I saw that show I felt convicted to finally get her a smartphone.

Ironically enough today her phone stopped working. That’s when I felt like it was a sign to finally get her a smartphone. So after dinner my sister and I took her to Verizon and we got her a new iPhone. 

The thing about my mom is that she is one of the most selfless people I know. She never gets anything for herself and never asks for anything. But at the same time she is definitely the most deserving. Seeing her face light up when she received the new phone filled my heart with joy but also with guilt. She was so thrilled and happy but I was guilty that it took me this long to do this for her. 

I’m glad God gave us an opportunity to serve our mom in such a way. Seeing her smiling face was priceless and moments like these I would never change. For all the things she has done for me, something as simple as a new phone is something she truly deserves. God has gave me conviction today to continue to serve my mom in any way possible and not only receive. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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