For youth group tonight we had discussion based on prayer. The whole night the focus was on reflecting on what prayer was to each person. For me prayer is something that means a lot to me and has a very special place in my heart, so to have the opportunity to talk about prayer with the kids was great. 

Our youth pastor asked the kids how everyone’s personal life was. Before anyone responded I thought back to when I was in youth group and reflected on how my prayer life was back then. From what I remember personal prayer was pretty much non existent when I was their age. I remember prayer was just something I did at church or when I was with church people. To be honest I thought the kids tonight were going to respond in such a way, but boy was I wrong. 

Almost every kid said that their personal prayer lives are great. That answer was honestly unexpected but to know that each kid actually had a personal prayer life that they live out every single day really blew my mind. A couple kids said their personal prayer lives weren’t that great at the moment but each of them still prayed on a daily basis. 

Hearing their stories of how they live out in prayer every day was really inspiring. Even for me prayer can be hard to do every day but these kids were obedient. Getting to hear how much prayer plays a role in each personal life really had me thankful. Thankful to God that He really is working in their lives and that they are all intentional in their personal faith. 

Moments like tonight I realize how much I can learn from our youth kids. Many people think I just serve the youth but on selfish level the reason I love serving youth is because I am served by them. Through their personal lives of faith I learn a lot and get humbled and encouraged on a weekly basis. Tonight I was reminded to be even more intentional in prayer in every moment of my life. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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