Tonight was our first Wednesday Refresh gathering of the new year. Since the majority of our members were out of town for the holidays we took a little “winter break” and resumed all normal activity this week. God really guided me to do something a little different tonight so I got excited to finally get back into everything with my brothers and sisters. 

As I was driving to church I got a sudden text from our worship leader saying that he couldn’t make it tonight because he was being held up late at work. So for a second I panicked and didn’t know what to do because I really wanted to have a time of worship tonight. That’s when God put one of our members on my heart and pushed me to ask him to lead worship. He has never led worship on his own for Refresh and it would be really last minute so I hesitated but I gave it a shot. Thankfully he responded with a willing heart. 

He didn’t have time to practice or anything but he did an amazing job in leading all of us to a true heart of worship. I was so thankful for him and his servant heart but I was also thankful to God for giving us this unique and spontaneous time of worship we didn’t expect. 

Tonight it was really obvious the Holy Spirit was working and moving within Refresh. It was such a blessing to be back with everyone to worship our Father and pray for one another. Yeah everything wasn’t perfect but through it God revealed that in this new year He has a lot of work yet to do and I’m excited to experience it! 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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