Today was the first day of my candidacy summit which is the first step to my ordination process. I came in with having no idea what to expect and to be honest not having high expectations at all. But starting from the beginning God revealed Himself to me. 

Before opening worship I met my assigned mentors who would be helping me and my assigned small group for the next handful of months in this process. The moment I met the mentors they said they have been praying for me all morning. To know that these strangers have been praying over me was such a blessing. That got me motivated and excited to see what God had in store. 

Then for worship our bishop delivered a powerful and very inspirational message on the Jesus’s baptism. In response we were invited to come to the altar to do aremembrance of baptism where the bishop blessed us with water once again. It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. But the moment he put the water on my forehead I encountered the Spirit burst into flame in my heart. I’ve realized that I’ve never thought back on my baptism and what it meant to me. It was so powerful to do this while taking this new step in my faith. 

After doing the remembrance I went to a prayer team that poured prayers of blessing and encouragement over me. Again it was the first time I’ve ever met them and I didn’t even have to say a word and they knew exactly what to pray for. The prayer they prayed over me was what I needed and it proved to me that it was God’s heart. 

Beginning this process in such a way really opened my eyes and prepared the way for me. The rest of the day was amazing getting to learn more information on what it means to be an ordanined minister in the United Methodist Church, to hear others calling stories, sharing my own story, getting plugged into a community to walk with in this process etc. 

Today God has given me confirmation once again that I am on the right path. He has filled my heart with motivation and excitement to further my journey in ministry. I can’t wait to see what more God is wanting to reveal to me. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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