After a successful first day of Candidacy Summit yesterday I went into my hotel room to get some rest before the last day. I went to go watch a movie on my laptop but realized the wifi wouldn’t work, so I tried to call the front desk but no one answered and I was too lazy to walk out there. I decided just to try to sleep early then, and that’s when God moved in my heart. He told me to pray for every member of our small group. 

I just knew in that moment it was the right thing to do. Thank God I had the room to myself. So I put pillows on the floor and then got on my knees and started to pray for each member of or new small group. As I prayed I could encounter the Holy Spirit start to increase within me and I started to receive God’s heart for each individual. As God spoke I wrote each prayer down on a piece of paper and God told me to share it with the group this morning. 

I have received my prophetic gift a little over 3 years ago during my time with YWAM. But the reality is I haven’t been practicing it and using the gift as much as I should be, but because of that I have been doubting my gift recently. I have been wondering if God still desires me to use this gift for His kingdom. But last night it was obvious He still wanted to use me as His vessel to deliver His message to His people. 

When we gathered with our small group this morning I started to ask God if He really did want me to share what He has given me last night to my new brothers and sisters. That’s when I began to doubt a little and start asking myself if these words were just things I made up or if it really was from God. Then God spoke and He told me to be obedient. 

So I interrupted my mentors and asked if I could share words from the Lord that I have received. I was a little intimidated at first since I’ve only known these people for less than 24 hours but I know God wanted to move. So I spoke and gave each person he piece of paper with God’s heart for them. 

Then I started to receive confirmation from everyone, confirmation that it was God’s heart for them and not something I made up. Then my mentors both spoke life into me saying that I do have this spiritual gift of prophecy. I’m so thankful God opened a door for me to be vulnerable and have the opportunity to use this God given gift to encourage and serve others. I was also thankful that He spoke through others to give me confirmation and answer my doubts that this gift has not left me and it is still in my hands to use for His kingdom. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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