I will be starting my candidacy/ordination process for the United Methodist Church and the first step of this process is attend the candidacy summit/retreat. The summit is this weekend and it’s held near Columbus. The Korean young adult pastor is starting this process as well so together we headed up to Columbus today to stay at my aunts for the night before heading to the summit tomorrow. 

It was snowing heavily and the road conditions weren’t great which caused a lot of traffic so we ended up on the road for almost 3 hours. If I was by myself I probably would have dreaded it but since he was able to join me it was pretty fun. What I’ve realized is that today was actually the first time we have spent time alone together since the year he has been with us. 

Even though we have been working along side eachother for over a year we haven’t really had the chance to talk about things other than ministry. The whole car ride as well as time spent at my aunts house we were able to share our stories with one another. 

It was amazing to hear and discover things about him I have never known before. His testimony was really powerful and helped me understand and know him a little more. Throughout the day and throughout our conversations I was able to witness the evidences of God in and through his life. I’ve been reminded once again the power that our testimonies hold. 

I saw God today.

Did you? 

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