Today was the last day my sister was off work for the holidays so last night we made some family plans to do some fun stuff, but when I woke up this morning my dad had a change of plans. He decided to go to Indianapolis for the day. When I heard that I started to get very emotional because there was a reason he wanted to go there. 

So it’s been almost 13 months now since my dad’s femur injury that has had him not able to work for the whole time. Currently he is still not able to work and that has been very challenging for the family but especially for him. As we were all sleeping last night he decided that it’s time to start getting ready to go back to work and open his shop up again. That’s why he wanted to go to Indianapolis because that is where is supplier is and he wanted to go to get things ready. 

For whole year my dad has literally been home every day, sitting on the couch and not doing much. That’s so foreign to me because all my life all He has done was work. He works over 70+ hours a week so to see him at home for over a year every day was extremely different. 

But today when we were at the warehouse I was able to see my dad’s work side come out again. It put joy in my heart and tears in my eyes to see him back in his element. At the same time I could see his excitement and readiness to get back to it. 

Countless number of people have been praying for him and his recovery and today I was able to see those prayers start to get answered. I was able to witness that progress is happening and God is allowing Him to take the steps he desires. I know that it’s not anywhere near over and it will be an uphill battle from here but I am excited to know that God has something planned. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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