Overall it was a great day. Got a lot done that was on my to-do-list and was able to get some good rest. In the evening I went to do an escape room challenge with our counselors who volunteered for the winter retreat and afterwards had fellowship which was loads of fun. Then ended my night with a couple of my brothers who are heading back to college. 

It was a joyful and peaceful day. As I was driving home I was thinking back upon my day to figure out what I would write in my blog and how I saw God today. I was in shock because for the first time ever I couldn’t think of anything. And it hit me, the reason I couldn’t see God was because I wasn’t looking. I literally spent the whole day for myself, having fun and getting rest but not thinking or looking for God. 

Ironically enough I was able to see God through not seeing God. That’s when God spoke to me and reminded me of the whole purpose and reason behind this blog and my vision for all of this in the first place. I must be intentional in seeking God. 

I’m thankful God gave me that reminder and that I was able to have a quick wake up call to realize that I must seek and search to find God every single day. Just because I was able to 300+ days in a row doesn’t mean it will automatically happen, I must still put in my efforts. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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