I have decided for 2017 to pursue to be love towards the people around me. To share the love I have received from God to others, to live out the love stated in 1 Corinthians 13 and to be God’s vessel for Him to love through me. In 2016 I pursued to love God with my everything and I believe I was able to do so but looking back I realized I lacked in loving others. So for this year I wanted to focus on loving both God and people with all my ability, but a love that is biblically defined (1 Cor 13) and not defined by society. 

It’s only the second day of the year and it’s already been a challenge. For some reason I woke up today in a grouchy mood and it continued to linger throughout the whole day. I had to catch myself multiple times to take a step back and remember to love. At first I was extremely confused and even angry with myself for the way I was behaving. There wasn’t any reason to feel the way I did but for some reason it was hard to get out of that state. 

This was both discouraging and encouraging at the same time. At first I felt really discouraged because I didn’t feel like I was able or would continue to be able to carry on with God’s vision for me for 2017. I felt like if I couldn’t do it on the 2nd day of the year I wouldn’t be able to do it for 363 more day. 

But at the same time through that God really encouraged me and gave me confirmation that this was what He desires for me. Since it’s difficult, that is obviously something I need to work on. I believe God is challenging me and revealing to me that this is an aspect of my life and heart that I need to work on, and that’s a challenge I am willing to accept and hopefully conquer. 

I truly do want to be the light of love wherever I am. To love God and love His people and at the same time love myself. I want to be selfless in love and have that selfless love come out in my worship towards God. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 


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