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It’s been over a week now since I’ve totalled my beloved car that I have had countless memories in. Sad as it is it’s now time to move on and today was the big day. After waiting a couple days I was able to finally purchase the car that I have been wanting so badly. 

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to get this specific car especially because of the price and my current situation. But somehow God opened doors through very unexpected ways to allow me to make the purchase. I am beyond thankful. 

One thing about me is that I’ve always loved cars ever since I was little. But for many different reasons I was never really able to get the cars I’ve wanted in the past, which I was totally okay with. I have always been thankful for what I have. But it was so nice for once being able to receive something I’ve truly wanted. 

I’m not the type to pray for material things or ask God to give me things. And I didn’t do that this time either. But somehow God still allowed it to happen without me asking and I couldn’t be anymore thankful. He spoils me even when I really don’t deserve it. 

Today was the first time in a really long time I was able to feel like a kid again. It was nice being able to feel those giggles, butterflies and good vibes. But what I’ve learned today through those emotions was how I should be like that all the time in my relationship with God. To have that child like heart filled with happiness every time I encounter God. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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Last Friday was my accident and since then I haven’t been able to serve church all week. That was the hardest thing, not being able to go to church and serve my community and take on my responsibilities. It was hard enough missing last Sunday but I also had to miss Wednesday. 

Therefore today was amazing, getting to get back to church and serve. Who knew a week off would feel so long. It felt just right being back at church, at the pulpit, with my brothers and sisters serving God. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this much excitement and energy on a Sunday, but taking time off for a week God really filled my heart with the passion once more. 

All day was great. I spoke at both services today and yeah by then end I was in some pain but it was all worth it. My closes friend from school came to our first service and that was his very first time seeing me preach. It was such a blessing to have him join the service and be in the congregation. Then in the third service a lot of people came and many faces I haven’t seen in awhile. Then afterwards we had a Refresh leadership team meeting which was awesome. 

Overall I was truly blessed today. God reminded me once more that I was made to serve and the church is where I belong. There’s no other place I would rather be. Serving God and serving the church truly is what I love to do and is my burning passion. I’m thankful for my time off because it was an opportunity for me to realize and appreciate the privilege I have in my calling to serve. I’m excited to get back in the groove of things and do Kingdom work. I never thought having a week off I would feel so deprived. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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Since my car is totalled I have been in search of a car. The process has been a very thankful one. There’s been a car that I’ve been following since about two years ago when it was previewed at an auto show as a concept car. The specific model I liked just got released to the public this month. It’s crazy that the car I’ve been wanting is actually an option for me since I’m in need of a car. But the biggest issue was the price, it wasn’t in my budget. But thankfully I got more than double what I expected from my insurance company for my totalled car which honestly doesn’t make any sense. And I also was able to find the car I wanted at a dealership an hour away for 2 grand cheaper than any dealership around where I live. That’s a rare case since it’s a brand new model and each dealership only carries a few of them. 

So overall everything was going way better than expected. Doors were being opened that I never thought would be that would allow me to get the car I truly wanted. Filled with excitement these past few days I couldn’t wait to go get it. Today was the day, I went with my family to go purchase the car. I took it on a test drive and fell in love. 

Then it was time for the purchase. Everything went well with the dealer and we were able to get a price even lower than what I hoped for. Then it was time to do the final signings and leave with a new car, but the unexpected happened. 

For insurance purposes both my dad and I would be co-owners of the car. So we both had to sign the papers but they needed our license to complete the signings. But of course, my dad forgot to bring his wallet and didn’t have his license. Therefore the dealership said we couldn’t purchase the car without his license, so we would have to come back Monday. 

In that moment I was extremely upset and bummed. I was so excited to drive off with the car but couldn’t just because my dad didn’t have his license. That put me in a really bad mood and I was filled with many negative emotions. 

While we were driving back home I couldn’t contain how upset I was. But that’s when God helped me open my eyes and take a step back. All the thankfulness I have been feeling this past week started to disappear just because of this small mishap but I shouldn’t be this way. I need to remain humble and thankful that I’m able to even get the car. I will still be able to get it on Monday therefore I shouldn’t be so angry. 

It’s a blessing I’m able to even get a new car. I should be thankful. I’m glad God helped me realize how selfish I was being in that instance and helped me come back to the right heart. Even though little road bumps may occur I should never stop being humble and thankful. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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Thursday’s are my longest day of classes during the week which usually mean the day I’m the most beat. With not going to class Monday and Tuesday and still having some back pain I was extremely beat when I got home yesterday from school. I was extremely tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I got into bed earlier than usual but for some reason I just could not fall asleep. 

Nothing I did could help me sleep so I thought I would take advantage of the peaceful time and just pray and have conversation with God. Then I listened to some worship music and just laid there. I was in a state of true peace but still couldn’t sleep. Then I turned off the music and tried to be really intentionally in drifting off but instead of falling asleep something unexpected happen. At this point it was already past 5 in the morning.

God spoke to me. Out of nowhere He started to give me revelations one after another. So I have a handful of sermons coming up in these next couple weeks and a big one is on February 8th where I will be giving the message for my schools chapel service. I’m still in the process of really figuring out what God wants me to speak on, then suddenly in the early morning God started to reveal His heart and wisdom to me. 

He continuously gave me different scripture verses and ideas, in that moment I knew exactly what message He wanted me to deliver. So I propped up and started writing down these verses. Who knew at 5 in the morning I would be writing sermon notes. But God provided and He gave me the wisdom and guidance I needed. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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One of my classes is a class where all the biblical studies majors come together once a week with all the biblical study professor to talk about current issues, things in the Bible, things of interest etc. it’s a very free flowing casual course but a very insightful one. It’s mandatory to take every spring semester and this will be my last one during my time at CCU. 

We had an assignment that we had due today that we discussed in class as a whole. The assignment was to read through the sermon that was given during this past presidential inauguration. Our key objective was to look at the application of scripture within the sermon and see if there were any misinterpretations or applications we agreed or disagreed with. 

To be honest I didn’t think too much about this assignment. I just thought it would be an easy one and I didn’t think I would really get anything out of it. But working on it yesterday and discussing everyone’s assements in class together today was actually very powerful and thought provoking. 

The conclusion that myself and my other classmates came to was that most of the biblical application and references made in the sermon were done in an incorrect way. The interpretations were very biased, done with an objective, extremely far stretched and out of context. Discovering this was very intriguing and convicting at the same time. I’m not trying to point a finger at this specific pastor but what I realized is a lot of pastor’s and people who preach the word including myself make this mistake. 

Therefore I believe God opened my eyes and gave me the conviction I needed through this assignment and discussion. I was reminded once again that delivering the word of God is not delivering my own words but His. It’s the duty of the preacher to make sure we do not taint His words and deliver them to the people in an incorrect way. It is our responsibility to deliver the message for what it is. This was a huge lesson, reminder and challenge that God has given me, to improve and grow as a voice of His words. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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After my accident on Friday I finally felt like I was in good condition so I went to class for the first time since. For the first half of class I felt totally fine but nearing the later half I could start to feel pain in my lower back starting to increase but it was bearable. After class I met up with my friends to do an assignment and that’s when I started to really feel it again. So I called my chiropractor and made an appointment for today. Once I left and got in my car I knew that this pain was only going to get worse. 

I’m currently driving a rental car and my set of keys are at the body shop so I don’t have a house key. All I wanted to do is get home and lay down but I needed the house key so I had to stop by my dad’s store on the way. Once I got there I realized that I was supposed to get my X-rays from the hospital to take to the chiropractor, so I had to drive back downtown. That’s when I realized I’m in a lot of pain and had to make the difficult decision of going to Refresh tonight or not. 

Since I missed Sunday I told myself I had to go today but my body was telling me no. But I felt extremely guilty and selfish for not going because of my pain. So I started to cry out to God and ask Him what I should do and that’s when I knew He was allowing me to take another day of rest. But instead of comfort I felt more guilt, I didn’t understand why God wouldn’t give me the strength to get better quickly enough to get back into ministry. I felt unworthy and undeserving and truly self-centered in taking time for myself when I should be at church. 

Feeling really uneasy, discomfort and mixed emotions I was driving to the hospital to get the X-rays. That’s when I continued to express my frustration to God and in that moment He spoke to me the lyrics of the song “I am not alone” by Kari Jobe. I didn’t have it playing but randomly He started to speak the lyrics to me in the midst of my confusion. 

That’s when I felt at peace and truly encountered His comfort. I am not alone. I have God who is there. 

“I am not alone 

I am not alone

You will go before me

You will never leave me”

I have a God who is here next to my side. A God that will never leave me and God who goes before me. He is my strength and in Him I trust. He has everything in control and I must just believe in that. 

Just as God is there with me in this time I have amazing brothers and sisters too. I was able to reach out to our worship leader who was more than willing to take charge tonight in my place. And I also have amazing members of my ministry that are completely understanding. This again made me realize that I really am not alone. I have God and people of God around me to walk with. I don’t have to do anything alone. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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I took one more day off from classes to get a little more rest and to recover. But I wasn’t actually able to get the rest I expected. There’s so much that needs to be done post-accident. Dealing with insurance, looking for a new car, had to get my glasses fixed because they broke from the impact of the airbag and I also had to go back to the car rental place to switch cars because they gave me a broken one. 

So I went to my dad’s shop and spent most of the day there making phone calls and sorting things out with my dad. His store was like my headquarters for the day. As I was about to leave a couple customers came in so I went to the front desk to help my dad. There stood an elderly man who was extremely clean cut, nice suit and tie on with a peacoat, slicked backed hair and a radiant smile. I guess he was a regular because him and my dad were having a long conversation. 

My dad began to introduce me this man I have never met before, then he suddenly interrupted my dad and looked at me and asked if I was the son who is going to be a minister. I guess my dad told him a while ago about me and he remembered. So I introduced myself and he introduced himself. It came to be that he was actually a retired pastor. 

So he started to ask me questions and told me a little bit about his story. This mas was 91 years old and has retired not too long ago after 50+ years of ministry. He started to tell me a little bit of his testimony and his life in ministry. The whole conversation I was in awe and truly inspired. This man stayed at his church for over 40 years as the senior pastor and saw he church grow from 30 people to over 1,300. He has done over 500 funerals and over 500 weddings. He has also helped call over 100 individuals into ministry. Now he is writing books about how God has worked through and in his life. 

After the conversation was over I went into a deep time of reflection and contemplation. I started to ask myself, “what all would God have done in and brought my life when I am 91?” “Could I be as persistent and relentless with passion like this man?” “What kind of pastor will I be for the rest of my life?”

I believe meeting this man was a divine appointment created by God. Through him God truly challenged me today. He challenged me to continue to strive and work hard towards being the instrument of God He has created me to be. God truly inspired me through this man today. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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Due to the pain that still isn’t going away from the accident I decided to take a day off from classes and get some rest and go to my chriopractor. The medicine I’m taking really knocks me out so I was in a deep sleep this morning. Then all of a sudden my sister comes running into my room telling me to get up, I was confused and half asleep so I laid back down. Then moments later I here multiple footsteps coming into my room. 

Extremely dazed and confused I popped my head out the covers and there stood three women from our church prayer team standing in my room. I had no idea what was going on and in shock I jumped out of bed to greet them. They came because they heard about my incident and they didn’t see me at church yesterday. 

These ladies were the last people I would have ever imagined waking up to this morning. Still half asleep I sat with them on my couch and had conversation. They took time out of their busy day to come check up on how I was doing and to pray for me. Before they left we all grabbed hands and they prayed over me. 

It was so unexpected but in that moment I encountered the Holy Spirit really moving in my heart. I felt the love of God through these prayer warriors. After they prayed and left all I could feel was an overwhelming amount of thankfulness. 

It’s not like I was deathly ill or in the hospital but they still came to pour their love and cover me in prayer. I am so thankful for such an amazing church and body that I am a part of. It is so evident God has surrounded me with the most loving people wanting to share His love with me. I feel so undeserving but still people choose to love me and through that I experience the grace of God. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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I went to bad last night confident that I will be feeling much better so I can go to church but when I woke up I was totally wrong. I thought the pain and soreness would start going away post accident but today I was in the most pain since Friday. I started freaking out because I was supposed to give the message during third service. So I decided to sleep a little more, skip first service and go for third. But when I woke up again I wasn’t feeling any better and my back was in a lot of pain. 

I literally had no idea what to do and I entered panic mode. The service was less than a couple hours away, so I contemplated between just going or finding someone last minute to fill in for me. To be honest I really really wanted to go but I knew it wasn’t the best decision. So I made some phone calls and thankfully enough I had an obedient servant of God take charge last minute. 

I couldn’t be anymore thankful. I was totally freaking out because it was the first time since I’ve been in ministry that I’m missing a Sunday due to illness. So I kept beating myself up wishing I would be able to man up and go. What really drove me nuts was that service could be in jeopardy because of me. 

But that’s when God opened my eyes and had me realize that it’s not about me. Even if I’m not there it’s okay because God has everything in control. I’m not the one who makes or breaks the service, it’s God, and if He wants it to still go on He will do so. 

I was extremely humbled today. Humbled to know that ultimately it’s always God who got my back. It’s His ministry and not mine and if things are of His plan He will make sure everything happens. I must always trust in Him before I trust in myself. God is good. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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Day after my wreck and I woke up with my body in a crazy amount of soreness and pain. I expected it but didn’t expect this. I was rolling around in bed trying to find the most comfortable position which felt like a mission impossible. 

I reached over to my night stand to check what time it was on my phone. The moment I opened my phone I couldn’t help but feel a lump in my throat and tears starting to form in my eyes. I had countless number of texts, messages, snapchats and Facebook posts from so many people showing me love and support. The pain I was feeling just disappeared hiding underneath the overwhelming feeling of love. 

This might sound like me just trying to be humble but I didn’t post my blog last night looking for attention. I didn’t expect the response that I received. I honestly just wanted to share how I truly experienced the living God. But a countless number of people read it and started reaching out. 

Literally all day I was receiving love from so many people. I couldn’t be anymore thankful. That’s when God reminded how loved I am. Loved by Him and loved my many. That’s when I realized how precious life really is. I’m not just living for myself but for and with the ones I love. I really need to cherish this life god has given me. I am so thankful for all that God has been doing in my life and for every single person I have the privilege to call family and friend. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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