What a truly blessing and privilege it was to be the speaker for our youth winter retreat. It’s funny how God made this happen. After 4 failed attempts in getting a guest speaker we resulted in myself being the not-so-guest speaker. The moment our youth pastor asked me about the position I really believed that there was a reason God opened this door and made it to be this way. Since knowing that I honestly was a little anxious and nervous because I wanted to do the best of my ability. 

Starting the first service on Monday all the way until the last service today, God lifted all those burdens from my shoulders and really spoke His heart within mine. Throughout this whole retreat I was able to witness God moving within the youth group but also within my own heart. I was able to really have confirmation once again that preaching and serving the younger generation is my calling. I was also able to rekindle my passion for sharing the word of God. 

What really touched me was experiencing pure joy throughout serving. Every moment, every message, every prayer was fueled by overwhelming joy. That’s when I realized once more that serving God and His people is when I’m the happiest and that there is literally nothing else in this world that I would rather want to do. 

After last night’s service that lasted about 5 hours my voice was gone. Preaching, worshipping and praying for 3 days in a row had me voice less. This mornings service was a slight struggle trying to speak through the squeaks and raspiness, but it worked. After my message we went into our final time of worship before we departed the retreat center. 

I really wanted to sing but my voice wouldn’t allow it so I just sang within my heart and listened. That’s when God really ravished my heart. As I was standing there in a circle hearing the voices of our kids singing out to God tears started to well up in my eyes. I could heart the pure and desperate hearts crying out to God and proclaiming His name in worship. 

That’s when I knew without a doubt that God has done His works throughout our retreat and that His works are just beginning in these hearts. Breakthrough has happened and transformation was happening. All praise, glory and honor to our Father for bringing His children to His heart. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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