2nd day of retreat was a major success, all glory and praise to God! He truly has revealed so much to our youth group and me personally throughout today. I was able to see true unity amongst one another, individuals really encountering the Holy Spirit and people finding their hearts of worship. So thankful for all the favor and blessings He has poured down upon us. 

For some reason my sermon for tonight was the one I was most worried for. When I was preparing before the retreat a few days ago I kept hitting a road block when trying to find out what God wanted me to talk about for today’s theme, which was the parable of the sower. I knew that He wanted me to speak on that story but I just didn’t know what. 

Even today I was struggling to really discern and discover what God’s heart was for this message. So all I could do was pray and really rely on Him completely. Literally moments before I went up to speak, God filled my heart with revelation and I was able to align my heart with His. What was really powerful was that the message was not just for the kids but it was exactly what I needed to hear as well. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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