I can’t believe that next week is already our youth winter retreat. There has been a lot of preparation, thoughts and prayers that have been going into making this retreat happen, and I can’t believe it’s already around the corner.

We have been blessed this year to have a lot of our college students come back to be counselors and I’m so excited to serve along side of them. Tonight we had a counselor/leadership team prayer meeting. To start off we went around and all shared how we have been doing, how preparation has been and our expectations for the retreat. 

Well to be honest I have been more overwhelmed this time around than in the past. I’ve been experiencing a lot of negative emotions while preparing like anxiety, stress and frustration for a lot of different reasons. But what I’ve realized was that I have been holding it all in to myself. So during our time of sharing I decided to just be real and share honestly what I’ve been going through and how I have been feeling. 

The moment I shared I felt like all the weight was lifted from my shoulders. I’m so grateful I have a community I can be real with, open up to with no judgement. But what I was really grateful for was that in response they wanted to pray for me. They put me in the middle of the circle and showered me with prayers. 

Tonight I realized again how important it is to be vulnerable and honest. The importance of having a community and a community that prays. God reminded me that I’m not alone and I have brothers and sisters always there by my side. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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