In ministry, Christmas time/winter break means busy. This is the season where a lot happens in the church. It’s a joyous time but just a lot that needs to be done. Tomorrow we have a praise and prayer night, Christmas Eve service performances, Christmas Day service and then youth winter retreat starting next Monday. I’m excited for all of these events but there is a lot of preparation that still needs to happen.

Tonight we had practice at church for tomorrow’s praise and prayer night. The whole time our team was practicing and preparing my heart was filled with an immense amount of joy just being in the presence of worship. After I got home I wanted to continue to have a personal time of worship and devotion so I turned on a new song we sang last Friday.

As I was listening and singing along in my room, God gave me a very refreshing and needed revelation. There’s a part of the song that says “we live for you”. It’s a very simple statement, a statement that I’ve said countless number of times. But tonight these words really resounded in my heart and off my tongue.

I was reminded that all that I’m doing and preparing for is because I live for Him. I want to do everything to bring Him glory, worship and praise. It’s all for Him and not myself. I want to confidently say that I live for God and all that I do is a product of that mission.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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